zTools 3.2 for OS 4.x

zTools is a bundle of 14 programs for your Workbench
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SysMon : Monitor and explore your Amiga.
aTunes : Manage your songs and radios.
FastView : A complete MultiView replacement to display your pictures.
FlipPaper : Manage and auto-change your Workbench backdrops.
NetDock : Monitor your Network activity in AmiDock.
CPUDock : Monitor your CPU activity in AmiDock.
RAMDock : Monitor your RAM activity in AmiDock.
GFXDock : Monitor your Graphic card activity in AmiDock.
FastCompress : Compress easily your files/drawers from the Workbench.
WebReplay : Stream or download videos from very various websites.
LittleBrother : Display Internet pictures Webcams directly in AmiDock.
FastNote : Write and store quick Post-It®.
FastHide : Quickly hide / unhide your Workbench windows.
AttachMail : Quickly attach files to your preferred mailer.

● zTools ChangeLog.


SysMon Windows tab SysMon Tasks tab SysMon Computer overview SysMon PortScanner
aTunes FastView FlipPaper
aTunes FastView FlipPaper
CPUDock & RAMDock NetDock & GFXDock
CPUDock & RAMDock NetDock & GFXDock
FastCompress WebReplay LittleBrother FastNote
FastCompress WebReplay LittleBrother FastNote


● AmigaOS 4.1 update 6
● MUI 4

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● Only 4£ or 5€ or 6$ plus local VAT (if applicable) and processing fee.
● Please contact us if you wish to pay by bank transfer.

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